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About The People

Exceptional people, committed to your success.

Messy books is an issue that no one wants to deal with. Well, except the people at Clean Finances. We live to keep your books in order and to answer all of your questions along the way. Rest easy knowing your account is in the best hands.

But why are we unique?


Our bookkeepers are QuickBooks certified and are guaranteed to keep your books clean year-round.


You’ll have access to a dedicated account manager that knows how to fill your specific needs.


Our team is made up of happy humans that love what they do and are ready to serve you.

What do our clients say?

“Being able to entrust our finances to qualified and integrious people who take pride in providing a wonderful service has been the best choice we could have made for our company.”

– Bryan Johnson

Founder of Collin Bryan Construction

Are you ready for bookkeeping made easy?

We want you to have confidence in your business’s finances. Let us take care of the mess and, in return, you get clean finances. You can schedule your free consultation in less than 5 minutes.