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About The Platform

A visual platform,
designed to deliver clarity.

We want a way for business owners to understand their numbers easily. That’s why we created Clean HQ. This is the central platform where you can visually digest all of your numbers. See month-over-month or year-to-date trends (or more) and connect with your dedicated bookkeeper to answer any questions. Oh, and it actually works on mobile devices.

But why is Clean HQ unique?


Your numbers are always within reach. Clean HQ is mobile-first but ready on any device and easy to use.


Your dashboard will be easy to understand and easier to look at. It’s complex numbers made simple.


At the end of the day, what good is a dashboard if it doesn’t inform your decisions? Clean HQ does just that.

What do our clients say?

“I only have to give a few minutes a month to examine my account, without having to do any hands-on work. It’s a benefit to organizations that don’t have the budget for admin and still have accurate accounting.”

– Kerry Kirkwood

Director of Antioch Oasis International

Are you ready for bookkeeping made easy?

We want you to have confidence in your business’s finances. Let us take care of the mess and, in return, you get clean finances. You can schedule your free consultation in less than 5 minutes.