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Refer a friend and we’ll give you both $150.

Do you know someone that needs help with their books? If you refer a friend to Clean Finances, then we will send you both a $150 Amazon Gift Card as soon as they pay their first full month. That’s bookkeeping (and shopping) made easy.

How does this work?

Step 1

First, fill out this form to sign up for our referral program. Then begin spreading the word.

Step 2

Make sure to let your friends know to tell us who sent them when they sign up for our services.

Step 3

Once they pay their first full month, we’ll send you both a $150 Amazon gift card. That’s, shopping made easy.

There is no cap, by the way. Make as much as you want. It is totally 100% unlimited.

Wow, you guys really are making shopping easy. Start making money now.

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