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Let’s create and sustain financial clarity.

We help organizations and their leaders thrive by eliminating the financial headache and replacing it with sustainable financial confidence. Whether you’re a soloprepreneur or the CEO of an established enterprise, we want to help you create and sustain financial clarity in your business.

the problem

We understand that finances are…

often chaotic,

Running reconciliations, processing payroll, tracking your receipts… these are all critical tasks to complete for the financial health of your business. But in the midst of a thousand other deadlines, the finances can easily take the backseat until it all piles up into a chaotic mess.

usually complicated,

Forecasting your cash flows, building a budget, implementing a curated Chart of Accounts… each of these projects could make a significant difference in the financial clarity of your business. But hey, that stuff’s complicated, right? And, more often than not, it just never gets done.

and almost always cluttered.

Where’s last month’s financials? Attached to an email? Maybe it was put in the cloud? I know there’s also that spreadsheet, but no clue where that was last saved. And where should we put receipts again? With so much to keep track of, it all can become quite cluttered very easily.

the solution

We want to help you move…

from chaotic to calm,

Imagine running your business without the financial chaos. Your books are in order, reconciliations done, payroll processed, and there’s even a simple process in place to ensure your receipts are captured. Pretty nice, right? We exist to help you operate a financially calm company.

from complicated to clear,

Picture this: you know where your cash flows are expected to land next month, you have a budget in place, and your Chart of Accounts actually lines up with your business. At last, the numbers start to make sense again as you settle into a financially clear headspace.

and from cluttered to clean.

At last, the financial headaches are gone, freeing up the mental space to apply your very best work to that which is most important. You don’t need to waste time worrying about your bookkeeping anymore, and you finally run your business with financial clarity. Welcome to Clean Finances.

the process

We’ll provide a curated and comprehensive solution built around three key parts…

The People

The Products

The Plan

The right people

We’ll set you up with a dedicated Customer Success Team, comprised of an Account Manager and a Bookkeeper that are committed to your continued success year around.

A Free Budgeting Tool for Navigating Financial Uncertainty

the right products

We’ll work to strategically implement key products in your business that will elevate your financial clarity as you grow, so you can confidently move your business into the future.

The right plan

First, we’ll want to make sure you have a solid foundation. From there, we’ll look to carefully transition to key products while we continually work to sustain financial clarity in your business.

Clean Finances has been amazing to work with. Quick, thorough, and easy communication; very straight forward, and super flexible. They're an excellent team, and make my crazy life as a small business owner a little bit less crazy. 10 out of 10 recommend using them!

Matt Marciante
Founder & CEO, Marciante & Company

They're on a mission to help business leaders eradicate their financial clutter and achieve financial clarity, helping them take the distraction of finances away to focus on what they do best.

Brandon, Tina and Cameron at Clean Finances are this small business owner's best resource for accurate, simplified bookkeeping services. The weekly updates showing the most important numbers to watch help me keep my finger on my company's pulse. If you're a busy owner, let Clean Finances take some of the load off.

Eric Henry
Founder & CEO, Summit Wine Tastings

Excellent service and outstanding response to our requests for input or for answers to questions. We would unequivocally recommend Clean Finances for the start up organization through the growth company to the mature corporation.

Robert Buchheit
Executive Director, Jerusalem Institute of Justice

Clean Finances has done an excellent job supporting and executing our bookkeeping needs. Their team is sharp and a joy to work with!

Joe Paolino
Stewardship Director, Antioch Community Church Dallas

We've been working with Clean Finances for a year now, and have been very happy with their knowledge, dependability and communication.

Matt Reynolds
CFO, Denison Ministries

Amazing accounting group. They knew exactly what I wanted and even got it done under budget. The monthly bookkeeping they offer keeps you focused on what's important instead of worrying about if this or that got reconciled or counted. Great stress reliever. Highly recommended.

Barrett Kincheloe
Founder & CEO, Pickleball Kitchen

Being able to entrust our finances to qualified and integrous people who take pride in providing a wonderful service has been the best choice we could have made for our company.

Bryan Johnson
Founder & CEO, Collin Bryan Construction

I only have to give a few minutes a month to examine my account, without having to do any hands-on work. It's a benefit to organizations that don't have the budget for admin and still have accurate accounting.

Kerry Kirkwood
Executive Director, The Revive Network

Say goodbye to the financial headache.

If your finances have been consistently chaotic, complicated, or cluttered, we want to help. Schedule your free consultation today to finally eliminate the financial headache so you can enjoy sustainable financial clarity.